The Healthy Cuisine Options Of Bodrum

The selective and healthy various cuisine dishes aren’t rich in fat and offer a great variety for tourists who visit. The only thing that may be considered fatty is the Turkish bread that you probably shouldn’t eat too much of, even though it is delightfully delicious. 

Bodrum also has some very tempting and great tasting deserts and pastries you should avoid if you’re trying to eat healthy. If you’re looking for some unique and traditional Mediterranean cuisines, then Bodrum is the place to go.

Some of the dishes such as vegetable entrees are often prepared with some wild plants like bull marrow, chicory and radish leaves. There’s also other ingredients such as:

  • Smoked eggplant mixed with yogurt (also known as the kopoglu mezesi)
  • Gipsy Salad (also known as the cingene salatasi)
  • Purslane salad topped with yogurt
  • bitter orange marmalade
  • Pickled cucumbers

If you order a dish that’s prepared with olive oil, the dish will be served cold and they are all considered appetizers. There is a popular sub-section of fast food interest that’s served in the small restaurants around Bodrum.

If you’re fancying some exotic food such as grilled lamb, maybe some Turkish pancake (also known as gozleme), Turkish pizza (also known as pide), Lahmacun or some chicken/beef that’s sliced up and then sandwiched in a quarter or half bread loaf (which is also known as doner ekmek), there are plenty of smaller establishments all around Bodrum that offer these dishes.

If you’re looking for an authentic experience and you want to live like a local, then you won’t want to miss your opportunity to drink some Ayran. Turkish people have this tradition of mixing cold water, yoghurt and salt which they use to prepare a drink they call Ayran. It’s kind of like buttermilk. If you eat one of the snacks listed above, then Ayran might be something perfect for your taste buds. While the tradition of Turkish food should be experienced by the healthy wholesome dishes that Bodrum has to offer, there are plenty of these fast food restaurants on just about every corner street you can find in downtown Bodrum.

When you eat out in Bodrum, you won’t run out of possibilities or selection. You’ll be presented with all kinds of different entrees, dishes and options for fulfilling your taste buds’ desires. One of the great things about the Bodrum selection of cuisines is that they offer a wide selection from many different countries. Also, if you go out to eat, it’s essential that you try a glass of Raki at least once. There’s a lot of different drinks you can experience in Bodrum and you may as well try them once before you leave.

While fish is particularly popular in Bodrum, one of the most popular specials is a steak. Also, you can get a chicken with a potato, some garlic and then some specialized yogurt sauce as well. While there’s a wide assortment of dessert options in Bodrum restaurants, you can’t leave before you try two of the most important and popular dishes in the city. The first dish is known as (sarayli). This dish can only be described as a light pastry that’s been rolled. The second special dish is known as (katmer) which is a pie pastry that has been rolled.

Both of these dishes come with sesame seeds and almonds stuffed inside. Another tradition of the people in Bodrum is that they like to mix semolina with ice cream.


Where to eat in Bodrum


If you’re looking for a Turkish traditional style of a bar or restaurant, then you’ll want to visit Meyhane Sokak. This is a nice town where you’ll find plenty of dining options in a very active town. There’s plenty of fishing markets along with butchers’ markets. If you’re in the market to try out some grilled octopus, try heading on over to the Harem Meyhane.



This town specializes in delicious seafood meals. This is a relatively small seaside village which specializes in catching fish then cooking them later. You won’t find a lot of tourists here as they prefer to stick to the western side of the peninsula. You’re even able to sample fish that fisherman have caught, straight out of their crate. It’s definitely an experience you shouldn’t miss.


Bodrum Town

This is the main attraction and hub for visitors. You’ll find a lot of activity and entertainment here. There’s such a wide variety of different cuisines here that range from local cuisines, to Mexican food, to Indian dishes, to Chinese and even Thai food. If you want to be entertained, there’s quite a few spots with some belly dancers in bars but people looking for a view of the Bodrum Marina, there’s plenty of bars that offer spots for that as well.



A lot of people who are big spenders like to come to this village for their luxury dining options. Some of the restaurants in this town actually flow straight out into the water, so the view of the Aegean is beautiful. There’s a lot of locally produced wine here that you don’t want to miss.

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