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The Bodrum Castle officially became a museum in 1961 with Mr. Haluk Elbe as its first Director, but its real though unofficial beginnings go back a little further, to 1959, when the first appropriation of Turkish government funds (equivalent to about US$50.00) was received in Bodrum for preliminary repairs of breeches in the castle walls. The first collection of objects retrieved from the depths was stored and exhibited in 1959 in the Knights' Hall which today gives access to the Carian Princess exhibit. This embryo of the Bodrum Museum included amphorae brought by Bodrum sponge divers as well as objects recovered during the exploratory dives made by Peter Throckmorton, Mustafa Kapkin and Honor Frost in 1958, the year when those pioneers planted the first seeds of scientific nautical archaeology.

When the Bodrum Castle was designated as a museum it was little more than a romantic ruin attractive only to those interested in traces left by medieval crusading knights on the Anatolian shore. For that story click (THE CASTLE). Castle restoration projects and the beautification of grounds were started by the first director, Mr. Haluk Elbe, whose name has been given to the art gallery at the entrance to the museum. But it is the director, Mr. Oguz Alpozen, (retired in july 2005) who deserves credit for implementing the "living museum" concept which attracts hundreds of thousands visitors and which has earned international renown and recognition in the form of the Museum of the Year Award. In the present time Bodrum Museum of the Underwater Archaeology is directed by Mr.Yaşar Yıldız .

European Museum AwardFifty-two museums from all over Europe were entered in the "European Museum of the Year Award '95" (EMYA'95) competition; forty-five were declared eligible to compete and twelve went into the final round. The Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology, representing Turkey, survived the initial selection process, .became one of twelve finalists and was awarded a "Certificate of Special Commendation 1995" at the competition finals held on June 10 in Sweden"


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