Glass Hall

The Glass Hall of the Bodrum museum is a fascinating display of objects made from glass that date back from early as 1400 BC. You can find glass objects on display from dates ranging from 1400 BC to 1100 AD. This display is available to the public thanks to the contributions of the Turkish Bottle and Glass Factory. There are a lot of fascinating objects here and a lot of historical memorabilia on display that have their own story to tell.

Glass Hall location

Glass Hall

A lot of the pieces found on display here are from shipwrecks or were found in the region. All of the pieces on display are historic in their own way and are from ancient cities. All of the glass work stored in this room has an important piece of history in them tied back to ancient cities or important people. Some of the oldest pieces you can find on display in this room can date back to 14th century glass ingots.

Some of the ancient historic cities you can find glass pieces from are Kaunos, Stratonikea and even Serce Limani. The rooms holding these pieces are usually a little darker with lights on the glass pieces to help illuminate the pieces and make them stand out. If you’re interested in an underwater display, there’s an aquarium display in the room that shows a large scale 4th century shipwreck. The wreck that happened in Yassiada is on full display for all visitors to learn and read about.

The whole point of the underwater display is to show visitors what kind of details or excavations have gone on to put these items on display. There are multiple glass objects in the region that were found by divers that can be seen in a 1:20 scale display for all visitors.